The Wholesale price is generally taken as the rate at which a relatively large transaction or purchases, usually for further sale, affected. The Directorate is collecting and compiling the Wholesale prices of 38 Agricultural Commodities once in a month by obtaining reports from most traded centers in the State. The ASOs will collect the data.

No. of centres 23 For use in the department to compare Farm Harvest Price and Retail price

LIVESTOCK- Collection procedure

Livestock is a sub – sector of Agriculture and contributes about 7% to total GSDP. The Prices of Milk, Meat, by Products such as Head, Legs, Goat hair, production of Dung, Egg, and increment in Live Stock are required for estimation of GVA of Live Stock sector. All prices are wholesale prices.

  • Live Stock Particulars: The information relating to “Live Stock Particulars” from Cattle Sandy ( Market)@ one popular center per District
  • Live Stock Products: The information relating to “Live Stock Products” from Slaughter House @ one popular center per District
  • Poultry Products: The information relating to “Poultry Products” from “Predominant Poultry area” (Average of Two poultries Prices) @ one popular center per District.
  • Milk Price: The information relating to “Milk” from Milk collection Centers
  • Consumer Price Index Numbers: The main objective of the Consumer Price Index is to measure changes over a period of time in the level of retail prices of a fixedbasket of goods and services consumed by a targeted group of people.