Price statistics play a very significant role in the economy of the state as well as country. Price is termed as an economic ‘Barometer’ of real purchasing power of the community. The price stability is considered by the Nations the World over as a crucial pre-condition for sustained growth in economy. Variation in prices is measured in the form of Index Numbers.

One of the foremost concerns of the Govt. is to have a regular and periodic check on the movement of prices of essential commodities. So as to take remedial measures for curtail market fluctuations & inflation. The Directorate of Economics and Statistics has been collecting and compiling the following types of prices statistics:

  • 1) Retail prices of Essential Commodities.
  • 2) Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers
  • 3) Wholesale Prices of Agricultural Commodities
  • 4) Farm harvest Prices of Kharif& Rabi Seasons
  • 5) Monthly Wages of Agricultural Labour
  • 6) Prices of Live-stock & Live-stock Products
  • 7) Prices of Building Material & Wage Rates of Construction Workers

The collection of above prices are undertaken on Daily,Weekly, Monthly and season-wise basis. The Mandal Assistant Statistical Officer is the main data suppliers of Price Statistics. The ASO collect the prices from the selected shops and markets as per the time scheduled and transmitted to the head quarters through online.


It is a statistical tool to measure the relative change in the price level with reference to time, geographical location and other characteristics. Two types of price indices are compiled & released at All India level viz. the Wholesale price index (WPI) and the consumer price index (CPI)

  • 1) Whole Sale Price Index (compiled & Released by Economic Advisor, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt.ofIndia)
  • 2) Consumer Price Index for (compiled & Released by LabourBureau,Govt.ofIndia)
    • a) Industrial workers
    • b) Agricultural labours
    • c )Rural labours
    • d) Urban, rural and combined (CSO)

At the State level also the following prices indices are compiled & released

  • a) Consumer prices index for industrial workers on par with Labour Bureau

Prices Statistics Reports

1 Prices Statistics Reports
2 Prices trend revised Reports