Agricultural Statistics

Crop Estimation Survey

The objective of Crop Estimation Surveys is to obtain the estimates of average yield per hectare (productivity) and total production of principal crops, both at District and State levels by conducting crop cutting experiments. The scheme is being implemented from 1950-51 onwards in the State.

A crop cutting experiment for any specified crop involves marking of experimental plot of specified size in the selected field, harvesting, threshing and weighing of the produce obtained from it. In a specified number of cases, the produce so obtained will be stored and dried for a further period in order to determine the weight of the dried produce.

The following crops are covered under this survey.

Sl. No. Food Crops Non-Food Crops
1 Paddy (Rice) (K & R ) Groundnut (K & R )
2 Jowar (K & R ) Sesamum (K & R )
3 Bajra (K) Castor (K)
4 Maize (K & R ) Sunflower (K & R )
5 Ragi (K & R ) Soyabean (K)
6 Korra (K) Cotton (K)
7 Redgram (K) Chillies (K & R)
8 Greengram (K & R ) Sugarcane (K)
9 Blackgram (K & R ) Tobacco ( R )
10 Horsegram (K & R )
11 Bengalgram ( R )

K – Kharif, R – Rabi


The details of selection and experimental results are collected in three different forms which are detailed below:

Form – I :-

This contains information on selection of survey numbers, name of the crop, condition of the crop sown, source of irrigation, expected harvest date, particulars of farmer etc.

Form – II :-

This gives information on plot yields, inputs, irrigation facility etc.

Form –III :-

This provides information on driage experiment results.