Prices of Building material and wages

Building Statistics is an important data set in understanding the needs and availability of houses to the people. This is also a major economic indicator as the expenditure incurred under this sector is treated as an investment in the economy. The housing under construction sector contributes about 8 per cent in the GSDP.

Collection of Data

  • 1. The Prices of the Building Materials are being collected in the NBO prescribed format on quarterly bases from the 9 District Head Quarters for Urban and 9 selected Centers for Rural and the State averages and District Prices are sent to the National Building Organisation, New Delhi along with the wages of the Construction Labour & entered in Bricks web application.
  • 2. The General items for which the quarterly prices to be collected are 1.Bricks 2.Sand 3.Stone Blast 4.Lime 5.Timber 6.Cement 7.Steel 8.Stone-slabs for flooring 9.Asbestos Cement Sheets 10.Tiles 11.Paints and Varnish 12.Sheet Glass 13.Sanitary wares 14.Wage Rates of Building construction labour and fixtures & fittings

Usage of the data

Reliable housing and building construction statistics are needed in the formulation of National / State housing policy and programmes for improvement of living conditions of people, as given below

  • (1) Estimation of state income and investment
  • (2) Assessing supply and demand of construction materials/equipments/ labour
  • (3) To revise SSR rates (Standard Schedule of rates).
  • (4) To Calculate Cost of Construction Index