Analysis of State Budget

Similarly, with an objective to incorporate the expenditure made by Government in State Income Estimates, the budget of the State Government is being analyzed, every year in the light of the guidelines given by the Central Statistics Office, MOSPI and the expenditure, Product taxes, product subsidies etc., as per Budget Estimates, Revised Budget Estimates, final expenditure shown in the Accounts will be incorporated in appropriate sectors of the State Income Estimates.

Analysis of Local Bodies Accounts:

In order to reflect the contribution made by the Local Bodies such as, Zilla Praja Parishads, Mandal Praja Parishads, Gram Panchayats, Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, Nagar Panchayats, HMDA, Metro Water Works, etc., the Annual Accounts of these bodies are being collected every year and the contributions are incorporated in the Domestic Product of the State.

“Support for Statistical Strengthening (SSS)” in Telangana State

The MOSPI, GOI has initiated the India Statistical Strengthening Project (ISSP) on the recommendations of National Statistical Commission (NSC), it is renamed now as “Support for Statistical Strengthening (SSS)” focusing on strengthening of Statistical Capacity of the States/UTs.

The focus of the SSS Project is strengthening the Statistical Capacity and Infrastructure of State Statistical System for collecting, compiling and disseminating reliable official statistics for policy planning at the State and Sub-State levels under selected key activities.

The total project cost of the State is Rs. 13.8494 crores, including Rs. 10.1680 crores already incurred during united State period, leaving a balance of Rs.3.6814 crores which includes the share of State Government of Rs. 1.50 crores for taking up of Civil Works.

The major activities taken up under the Project are:

  • i. Construction of Building for Telangana State Statistical Training and Research Institute (TSSTRI).
  • ii. Providing of Desktops, UPSs, Printers etc., to the field staff of districts and Mandals under IT Infrastructure.
  • iii. Conducting Training programmes to the working personnel for skill development and improvement of quality in data collection under Human Resource Development.
  • iv. Bridging the data gaps for improvement at State and district level for reliable estimation of GSDP/GDDP.

These activities are being implemented by different divisions of DES

13th Finance Commission Grants for ‘Improvement of Statistical Systems at State and District Levels’:

  • i. The 13th Finance Commission has recommended Rs. 10.00 Crores for Telangana State as Grant-in-Aid (i.e. @ Rs. 1.00 Crore per district) for Improvement of Statistical System at State and District levels.
  • ii. The MOSPI, GOI has released four installments @ Rs. 200.00 Lakhs each, totaling to Rs. 800.00 Lakhs to the DES, Telangana.
  • ii. The DES has utilized an amount of Rs. 568.55 Lakhs has been utilized till date.

The Milestones proposed under 13th FC are:

  • i. Preparation and maintenance of Business Register at District level.
  • ii. Preparation of Local Bodies Accounts by collecting data on receipts and payments of these bodies.
  • iii. Improvement of data in respect of Farm Activities.
  • iv. Pooling of Central and State sample data for generating district level parameters.
  • v. Providing network connectivity among districts and with State Headquarters.

These activities are being implemented by different divisions of DES