Social Statistics


1. Statistical Year Book:

This is an Annual Publication and the latest issue of Statistical Year Book released is “Statistical Year Book- 2015”.

It is most comprehensive publication of the Directorate containing important data relating to Population, Health and Family welfare, Climate, Agricultural & Irrigation, Live Stock, Forests, Industries, Mining, Fuel and Power, Transport, Banks, Prices, Labour Welfare, Education, Judicial, Police and Crime, State Economy for the current financial year along with comprehensive data for the previous years. It also contains comparative statistics of Telangana and all India and also for Major States for certain selected indicators. The data was collected from various Central and State Government Departments, Government Undertakings, Local Bodies and other organizations etc. and it is now useful for Administrators, Planners, Research Scholars and all.

Statistical Year Book Reports

1 Statistical Year Book Reports

2. District hand book of Statistics:

The information in this Publication is being consolidated by the CPOs from different sources at the district level. After preparation of the publication, it is a being approved by the District Collectors. The approved publication is being reviewed at DES and finally sent for printing.

This publication contains of 23 chapters with 174 tables relating to the concerned districts. Mandal wise information on Population, Medical & Public Health, Climates, Agriculture, Irrigation, Livestock & Veterinary Services, Fisheries, Forestry, Industries, Mining, Fuel & Power, Transport & Communications, Public finance , Prices Employment, Labour & Labour welfare, Education, Local Bodies, Cooperation, Judicial, Police & Crime, Social Welfare, Women & Child Welfare and Miscellaneous are available in these publications. The salient features of the districts, important tourist & historical places, boundaries & topography of the district are also featured in these publications.

DHBS shows Mandal wise authentic and wide spread information on socio economic aspects prevailing in district. It is also considered as unique publication in the district consisting statistical data, reveals various data on activities of all the sectorial departments. It is most ample publication, producing statistical time series data on various parameters existing in the districts. This publication is a rich collection of data in several aspects. This publication is very useful to district planners, research scholars, heads of departments and all others.

District hand book of Statistics Reports

1 District hand book of Statistics Reports

3. Economy in Brief:

This publication is also an annual publication of pocket size meant for quick over view of the level of development in the State. This publication for the year 2015 was released on Statistics Day celebrations by Hon,ble Minister for Finance and Planning, Government of Telangana on 29th June, 2015.

Economy in Brief Reports

1 Economy in Brief Reports

4. Compendium of Environment Statistics:

This an annual publication contains important information on environmental issues such as Bio-Diversity, Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere and Human Settlements and also various issues regarding Environment Degradation in several aspects.

5. Men and Women Statistics:

This an annual publication contains important statistics on Population, Health & Family Welfare, Education, Economy & Development, Women’s participation in Decision Making, Crimes, Convictions & Police Force, Women & Child Welfare and Miscellaneous.

6. Child Statistics:

This annual publication contains important statistics on Demography, Child Health, Children Education, Child Labour and Child Protection.